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A Closer Look at the Dior Book Tote

I have a confession, I want a Dior Book Tote really badly. When it first came out, I was like ya that’s a fine bag but I don’t need it. But then I started seeing it more. I suppose the power of social media is real, because I saw a lot of this bag on social media starlets, versions customized with their name sent to them by Dior as a gift. Even knowing the bag was a gift didn’t stop me from yearning after it. It helped me see just how lovely it was, and that only further fueled my desire.

Many people use the Dior Book Tote as a travel bag, and I can assure you it makes for a great travel companion. We recently took a staycation at the Four Seasons Surfside (guys, that hotel is absolutely brilliant and nestled in North Miami and I highly recommend it) and I took three versions of the Dior Book Tote with me. The tote was perfect to accompany me to the pool with my needs and Millie’s, and ideal as a carry on or overnight bag as well.

There isn’t a ton for me to report about the aesthetics of the bag design itself, as the interior is completely void of pockets or extras. The exterior is the definition of what you see is what you get. There are of course different versions, and that is where this bag shines to be made to feel more fit for you – with renditions that change seasonally and the ability to add your name as well (yes please).

Introduced for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri immersed herself in Dior House archives to find inspiration from a drawing produced by Marc Bohan in 1967 to create the Dior Book Tote. Though the bag appears simple as I said above, it is anything but simple: the embroidered Dior Book Tote requires more than thirty seven hours of work and 1,500,000 stitches to be completed in a family-run atelier in Italy. After this lengthy process, the Book Tote is taken to the House’s leather-making atelier in Florence to be completed.

Dimensions are 13″H x 16″W x 2″D and the tote can be carried by hand or over the shoulder. When I learned more about the making of the bag, it quickly made its way higher up my want list. The price is not drastic for the effort that goes into its making and after having seen these versions of the bag, I find myself only wanting it more. Discover more Dior Book Totes on


Dior Oblique Embroidered Canvas Book Tote in Burgundy – $2,500

Dior Butterfly Embroidered Canvas Book Tote – $2,850

Dior Earth Hand Painted Suede Calfskin Book Tote – $4,300




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Would You Carry a $1300 Leather Plastic Bag With Kittens On It?

Leave it to Balenciaga to try to make this one happen…

Oh Balenciaga, stop trying to make weird bags happen, they’re not going to happen. First there was the Ikea leather shopping tote, and then there was the bag that resembled your grandmother’s couch, and now my friends, Balenciaga has gone and done it again. That’s right, you can now buy a leather ‘plastic’ shopping bag with kittens on. Demna Gvasalia, is known for some pretty wild and out there designs, often taking elements of streetwear culture and, for some reason, producing them at a luxury price point. This bag just might take the cake though. And, if it weren’t strange enough to tote around your belongings in a leather version of a plastic bag, Gvasalia went ahead and added a graphic featuring kittens to the front of the bag.


I have a lot of questions here guys. For one I get that there are some major cat people in this world, which honestly I will never quite understand as I simply cannot stand cats, but really do you love them enough to carry them around on a luxury handbag? I’m mildly obsessed with french bulldogs, and when I say mildy I actually mean more like the word that rhymes with mildly and starts with a w. I’d chase a frenchie down the street if it meant a chance to pet it. However I certainly wouldn’t carry around a bag with puppies on it. Now let’s just say you can’t help but show off your cat-love.

Ok, to each his own I guess, but a leather plastic tote? How does one even comfortably carry this bag all day long? The handles are tiny and the top, like the other 15 plastic bags swimming around under your bathroom sink, is wide open. Balenciaga, please tell me what gives?

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